Thursday, January 25, 2007

Holy Lizards

I've been busy the last month-and-a-half, with travel (visiting various relatives), teaching, and auditioning. I am really, really tired, mainly from the teaching, which just finished today (almost: now I just have to finish grading a few things and fill out some paperwork). On Monday the 22nd was a general audition for a number of area theatres -- I was there all day, because, along with my own audition, I also helped sign people in. Not a bad day -- a few folks, unsolicited, said they liked my audition, and I had the chance to see a few friends, including Carl Randolph, Warner Crocker and his wife Thomasin (from Wayside Theatre) , Chris Youstra and Margo Seibert, with whom I worked at Imagination Stage. And I have a callback already at Signature Theatre in a few days, about which I'll say naught more at this moment, lest I hex it.

Interesting stuff:
A virgin Komodo dragon has recently given birth to 5 baby dragons. (Okay, "gave birth" is a touch inaccurate -- she laid the eggs, and then they hatched.) I'm sure this'll be horribly offensive to someone: what if this were the Second Coming? Why not? Couldn't Christ could take the form of 5 adorable baby Komodo dragons if He so pleased? Additional proof of the involvement of a higher power: they've been eating locusts (perhaps to gear up for the next plague of 'em).

New items for my materialistic Christmas wish list: I 'd like an "adaptive wave" catamaran. Or a hydrogen powered motorcycle (shame it only does 50 mph, but apparently it has kick-ass acceleration).

Monday, January 15, 2007

Word, Y'all

While looking at the website Neatorama (specifically, the little blurb about the Pillow Fight League in Toronto) . . . .

. . . a random word popped into my brain, and now it's our word of the day: oubliette. An oubliette is "a dungeon with an opening only at the top" and it comes the French word oublier meaning "to forget" (i.e., it's a place where you can be forgotten, not where you can go to, say, forget about your troubles, though I can see how that could work -- I wouldn't be worried about car repairs or taxes if I happened to be thrown into an oubliette). Live it, love it, learn it. See if you can use it in casual conversation.