Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Taxes" is an Anagram of "Texas"

A blue funk has kept me from posting. Here some math for you: Taxes + crummy weather = blue funk.

The last post was about 20 pounds of puppy ago (would that be 140 in people pounds?). Sadie is 20 weeks old and 45-ish pounds now. Oy. She's also losing her baby teeth. Good -- adult teeth are not quite so pointy. And while she doesn't look broken to me, I'll soon be taking her in to get fixed. Ha, ha.

We open Norman Conquests: Table Manners on Friday. The last week or so of rehearsal have been . . . tense, but I think it'll be fun once we have an audience. By the way, I'm very tired of corn flakes and toast. If you see the show you'll understand why.

Just had an audition today for Rep Stage, which has already garnered a callback next Monday. Wish me luck.