Saturday, October 20, 2007

Question: What Does It Take To Get Me In A Suit?

Answer: Either I'm attending a wedding, or someone's paying me. In this case someone's paying me.

Friday's Cumberland Times-News has a little article (not a review, basically a "here's what's playing") about Ten Little Indians -- Click HERE for the article, and HERE to see the whole picture.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Bloody Everywhere!

I'm one step closer to becoming theatrically ubiquitous (meaning, I've made it two steps):

1) Playing Dr. Edward Armstrong in Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, opening today in Cumberland, MD.

2) Fight choreographer for Maryland Ensemble Theatre's Macbeth, opening on the 19th in Frederick, MD.

So if you happen to be planning a visit to Antietam, bookend your historical bloody violence with some fictional bloody violence.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dangerous Do-Rags

In last night's rehearsal at MET, we put together the bulk of the fight / violence choreography. Included: various knives, a crowbar, a baseball bat, an axe, a metal pipe, a piece of cinder block, and a bandanna. Yes, a bandanna. Death by bandanna.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Necessities: Food, Shelter, Clothing, Megayacht.

Quote of the day: “Today, a megayacht is indispensable,” said Olivier Milliex, head of yacht finance at the Dutch bank ING. “It’s not like 15 years ago, when a yacht was a luxury item.” (found in the New York Times) Yachts nowadays are reaching over 100 meters in length, and come with amenities like helicopters and minisubs. And many are registered foreign countries, to save on taxes and Soc. Sec. payments for crew members. Because, I guess, money's tight for your average megayacht owner.

Had another day working with the Secret Service last week. The thing I find most interesting about it is that non-Sec. Serv. people like myself can not go anywhere without an escort. I know, duh, that's to be expected. But it's weird when you have to ask to go to the bathroom, and an employee has to go with you (at least they don't go in to the bathroom with you).

I am also now working as a fight choreographer, for a production of Macbeth at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Looks to be a neat production, the characters are bikers -- so no swords; rather, Crowbars, baseball bats, knives, yee-ha! And the director, Peter Wray, has given the production an interesting twist (sorry, I'm not telling!).

Yesterday, along before an evening rehearsal with MET, I also had a video shoot -- nothing grand, some background extra work on a commercial. A long day, though, but it's good to be working.

And I'm gearing up to head to Cumberland Theatre in a week for Ten Little Indians.