Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Demetrius, P. 3

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I went out to Ohio June 4 - 8 to see Tecumseh!, visit a few folks I know, see Jen, and of course, to visit Dee. By the way, everyone at T! did a stellar job from what I saw. The understudies really stepped up to the plate. I had the chance to see a couple of run-throughs and the first couple of official performances, and what I saw was a good, solid show. Kudos to them. Go see it.

I saw Dee on Saturday the 7th. Before Jen and I went in, we talked to mutual friend Geddy, who had visited him a bit earlier. He told us that Dee has continued responding to nerve tests, and that he opened his eyes when Geddy talked to him, he responded a bit with his eyes when Geddy indicated another friend in the room. All good news.

When we went in, Dee pretty much slept. This was not unexpected -- his earlier responses with Geddy were probably about all he was up for at the time. Dee was still on a respirator, but it was just giving him a bit of an assist, it wasn't doing the breathing for him. In fact, while we were there, Dee took a couple of deep breaths and shifted his body a bit. These are excellent, I think -- he has full body movement, and his muscles want to move. I talked to him a bit, told him he needs a new barber, but mostly I just held his hand.

Some of Dee's family were at the hospital. When we left, we gave a hug to his mother, shook hands with his dad, said hello to a couple of aunts. They seem to be bearing through it okay, though I know recent improvements have helped on that account.

Since then I've only heard a touch more. Good stuff -- he has has communicated to a degree with his mom, doing 1-finger-for-yes-2-for-no stuff (I don't think he could actually talk right now because of the ventilator tube), and apparently gave a thumbs-up when his mom prayed and said amen. Occasionally his temperature will spike, and when that happens they sedate him so he'll rest.

And that's what I know. Good news, certainly. I'm impatient, I want more, faster. Turns out he left a couple of comic books in Jen's car. I read 'em, of course. I'm waiting for him to call me and say, "Hey, send me my comic books!"

After a Buncha Bad, A Little Something Good

For a few weeks, I just kept getting lousy news. A good friend in a very bad accident. A close relative developing Type II diabetes. Another close relative's supposed pregnancy turning out to be an unusual non-pregnancy. Getting a thousand $ of emmissions-related work on my car, just to have it fail emmissions again (I have a waiver now). So a few days ago, I silently said to the Power(s)-That-Be, Enough of this, okay?

Well, the same day, the PTB gave in a little. Jen's car passed emissions, yay (after 500 $ of work), and I had a chat with the wonderful Warner Crocker over at Wayside Theatre -- and it looks like I'll be doing the comedy Moonlight and Magnolias there. I'm excited about working at Wayside again!

Alrighty. Thanks, PTB (tho' we're still talking).

Rehearsals for Taming of the Shrew at BSF start in a week.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Demetrius, P. 2

Latest news:

Brain swelling has gone down to more "acceptable" levels. Good.

He has responded to prick tests to his feet. That's very good.

Not conscious, thus far. But that's partly by doctor design, to keep his movements minimal for right now.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Hey, folks.

Demetrius Thomas is a good friend of mine, and has been a part of Tecumseh! for a number of years. The last couple of years, he has played the lead / title character, and was set to do so this year as well. In '06, Jen and I had three ceremonies; the first was on the Tecumseh! stage, and Dee was my best man that evening.

A few nights ago, Dee was in a major car accident. I'm getting my information 3rd or 4th hand, so I know very little for sure. I know he was flown to Columbus, and there was some head trauma. There was some swelling of the brain. Apparently he's been through some surgery, and the swelling seems to have gone down at least a bit. I was told he's in critical but stable condition.

But there's still a lot I don't know. I don't know the extent of the damage, and that has me worried.

I don't know if you pray or not. But Dee is one of the good guys, and I ask that you pray now. Thank you.