Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This a picture of Dustin Loomis and Barbara Callander in Unnecessary Farce, which is currently showing at Wayside Theatre and is getting great reviews.

Dustin and I worked together once on a production of Twelfth Night at Cumberland Theatre.

Here's the thing: "Dustin Loomis" is an anagram for "Smilodon Suit."

Coincidence? Some look to anagrams to reveal hidden meanings, i.e., "Veep Dick Cheney" is an anagram for "Prince of Darkness" (okay, it's not, but would it really be a surprise if true?). I express no such belief in anagrams, myself, but I do love starting a good rumor.

So, let's look at Mr. Loomis . . . could he be a prehistoric creature in human disguise? The smilodon (a.k.a. the "saber-toothed tiger") might be rather tall, if standing on its hind legs, and Dustin is rather tall . . . hmm . . . .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing Ketchup

Back on the blog train.

I've been a busy boy. Baltimore Shakespeare Festival's Taming of the Shrew opened July 18th, closed August 3rd. I started rehearsals for Wayside Theatre's Moonlight and Magnolias on July 22nd, which opened August 8th and closed August 24th.

Wayside and BSF are 115 miles apart, so to pull off both shows with these the overlapping dates, I did a lot of driving -- 2000 miles in 2 weeks. Add to that, in both shows I did a lot of scenery chewing. By the time Shrew closed and we got into the final week of rehearsal for M&M, I was getting a bit googly-eyed. But -- I was having a ball, being so busy doing what I like.
Three days after M&M closed, I started rehearsals for Way of the World at the Shakespeare Theatre. It's a rare and beautiful thing in this business to go from one job right to another like that.
Now if we're lucky, I'll get back to regular posting, and I'll tell you about sliding on banana peels and getting slapped on a daily basis, gigantic 17-year-old goldfish, fiberglass dinosaurs, and who knows what else. If we're lucky.