Thursday, November 27, 2008

And We're Back. Happy Birthday, Mom.

So I've been away for awhile.

See, here's why: I've been going through the tedious but necessary task of converting this blog from analog to digital, so I will now be able to transmit it to you without using rabbit ears. Through the magic of modern technology, you will now be able to view my blog exactly as you've viewed it before.

Recent news:

The Way of the World has closed. Great cast, I'll miss those folks.

My previous entry contained a bit much hubris, and karma was nice enough to bite me on the rear, or rather my lower back. I tweaked my back almost immediately after writing that entry, causing pain that lasted about a week.

But I am still proud of my work as an understudy. And I believe that good understudies are way underrated. They are like kickers in football, little attention but major day savers -- would the Colts or the Pats have made it to the superbowl without Adam Vinatieri? Can you name any other kickers? Have you noticed how many games are won by last-second field goals?

There was an election earlier this month. I'm very happy with how the presidential race came out. Even popped some champagne. I'm not at all happy with how Prop 8 in California went.

My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I missed it. I'm a horrible son. I'm also a horrible brother / cousin / nephew / grandson / in-law / friend, because I miss people's b-days all the time. I haven't missed Jen's b-day so far, though, because I value my life.

Jen and I have moved to a house (though we're still renting) with a basement and a fenced-in backyard. I like being in a new place. But I hate, hate, HATE moving! (It used to be easy, when everything I owned fit in my jeep. Now I have a significant other, and a dog, and a bunch of stuff. Where did all this stuff come from?).