Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dog Ain't The Only One Chewing The Scenery Here

We're gettin' to the wire!

Sylvia opens Oct. 2 at Bay Theatre in Annapolis! I've got a guy who lives vicariously and metaphorically through his un-neutered dog! I've got your socialite who shows off her size 12 heels and her occasional Freudian slip! I've got your ambi-gendered* psychotherapist!

And that's just me! There's 3 other people in this show, playing 3 other characters, and one of 'em is an anthropomorphized** dog!

Oh, and it's a comedy, too!***

( * "ambi-gendered" is my own word -- "ambi-sexual" doesn't quite hit it)
(** "anthropomorphize" is a legitimate word, here working even better than in normal use)
(*** regular punctuation will be returning in the next entry -- we apologize for any inconvenience)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bye Bye, Bunny Rabbit

Sculptor Barry Flanagan passed away.

The NY Times article described him as "a British sculptor who abandoned the idiosyncratic arrangements of common materials that characterized Postminimal sculpture."

I prefer how BF describes himself, as “an English-speaking, itinerant European sculptor.” That's much better. He was fun. He was mischievous.

I worked for a sculptor for a summer as a teen, and am an occasional sculptor myself. One of my favorite places in DC is the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden, and one of my favorite sculptures there is his Thinker on a Rock. So here ya go:

More Theatrics

Rehearsals have been going on for a week-and-a-half for Sylvia at Bay Theatre. We've just about rough-blocked the show, and are about to go back to the beginning and dig in further.

I'm thoroughly enjoying myself working on my eccentric characters. I indicated in my previous entry that I'm bending genders in this show. If you had seen rehearsals on Wednesday, you would have seen me walking around in a rehearsal skirt and 3+ inch heels. Women's size 12, by the way. I can tell you now from brief personal experience that the more you sashay, the easier it is to walk in high heels. Better put: the less difficult.

New gnus: I'm set to direct A Spell of Cold Weather, by Charles Way, at Red Branch Theatre in Columbia, MD. That'll show in December. More on that soon, but I can tell you now, I'm very excited!