Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Shaved My Legs For This?!?

Yeah, apparently I did.

For the character of Phyllis (in Sylvia), I am wearing a knee length skirt, hose, and heels. As well as a bra, a nice blue top, scarf, wig, pearls, ear rings, and a few other bits of jewelry.

By the way, one of the reasons I'm in theatre is because it gives an opportunity to experience many different things. Well -- the hose I wear are see-through. So my newest experience is shaving my legs.


I was told I'd only really have to shave from the knees on down. But I thought that would look odd, so I shaved the thighs, too. Got 'em pretty smooth, too. But . . . soon afterwards, when I sat down, my thighs felt prickly. And then I got a bunch of red bumps on my thighs. Neat. I'm betting women know something about shaving their legs that I don't.

After a couple of days, the prickliness went away, and the bumps have pretty much disappeared. Not quite so smooth, though.

But hey -- I have been told that I look damn good in heels. The woman who said that also said she was jealous.

Zach's First Day

I just had my first rehearsal as Zach in A Chorus Line. This show opens the day after Thanksgiving, I believe. As a member of Actor's Equity, I had to get a waiver to get to do this show. This should be exciting. I'll get to work with Jen, who is co-director (with Sue Kramer) and choreographer. There's a number of talented folks in this show, many of them students at HCC.

The neatest thing is the energy -- not that "seasoned pros" don't still love the work, but there's an ooh factor that is often lost to some degree in the professional situation. Cassie will be played by a woman named Becky who considers this something of a dream role.

I won't be singing -- pity -- but I won't be dancing, either, which doesn't bother me at all. And there's a certain irony that in my role I'll be critiquing a bunch dancers who are all better dancers than I. Which, so I'm told, is something I'll have in common with most guys who play Zach in A Chorus Line.

Chronicles of Chronicles

The main of this blog is to talk about my life / work in theatre.

Well, I now have 3 different projects going on, 2 of which I've talked about a little bit before. Each of the three deserve focus. One: Sylvia , in which I play Tom / Phyllis / Leslie, @ Bay Theatre in Annapolis. Two: A Spell of Cold Weather, which I'll be directing, @ Red Branch Theatre in Columbia. Three: A Chorus Line, in which I'll be playing Zach, at Howard Community College.

I'll be reporting on each one, and putting a label on each post -- Chronicles of Sylvia, The Chronicles of Cold Weather, and Chronicles of Chorus Line. Starting with this one.

Yeeha, yo.