Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trips Are Good For The Soul

A bit of ol' business first: The Comedy of Errors and Scapin! closed a couple of weeks ago. The outdoor shows were often very hot, occasionally brutally hot; but I had roles great and good, and I worked with some wonderful people.

So -- Road Trips Are Good For The Soul:

Jenny's out in Ohio again, teaching a stage combat workshop. I headed out there for the weekend to visit her and a few friends old and new and to see the latest incarnation of Tecumseh! Go see it, make the road trip, it's excellent.

My road trip was a great little escape. My connection to the world via cell phone and TV and internet was severely and marvelously reduced. Interestingly, that's when I got all sorts of good phone calls -- a staged reading, some commercial extra work, and a film booking(!).

On the way to Ohio, I met some great folks in Grafton, WVa., when I got a flat tire. If your car breaks down, try to break down in Grafton.

While in Ohio, a few of us saw The Expendables, which Josh Katzker perfectly described as "awesomely bad" -- it's dumb and absurd and over the top, resuscitates bad old stereotypes, has excessive violence and multiple explosions and maybe 2 or 3 really good 1-liners. It's a great time if you know ahead of time what you're getting yourself into.

Go see Tecumseh! -- yes, I'm repeating -- it's worth repeating: It's a wonderful production of an excellent story, go see it.

On the return trip, in a gas station restroom I saw a sign that said, "For the safety of yourself and others, please wash your hands for 20 seconds (or sing Happy Birthday twice) after using the restroom, handling money, eating, smoking, or touching an unsanitary object. Don't forget to use the paper towel to turn off the faucet!" No paper towels in the restroom; just an air dryer. And do you think the man behind the cash register washes his hands every time he handles money?