Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Road Trips Are Good For The Soul

The Comedy of Errors and Scapin! closed a couple of weeks ago.

Jenny's out in Ohio again, teaching a stage combat workshop. I headed out there for the weekend to visit her and a few friends old and new and to see the latest incarnation of Tecumseh! Go see it, make the road trip, it's excellent.

The road trip was a great little escape. My connection to the world via cell phone and TV and internet was severely and marvelously reduced.

On the way to Ohio, I met some great folks in Grafton, WVa., when I got a flat tire. If your car breaks down, try to break down in Grafton.

Go see Tecumseh! -- yes, I'm repeating -- it's worth repeating: It's a wonderful production of an excellent story, go see it.