Friday, April 29, 2011

Images from Groucho

Groucho: A Live in Revue closed on Saturday, March 23. It was a pleasure to be there.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's been a wild ride in my theatrical life over the last month-and-a-half. In the last two weeks of Beyond Therapy at Bay Theatre in Annapolis, MD, I was also rehearsing Groucho at Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA, over a hundred miles away -- so I had a few days of rehearsal, performance, and nearly 300 miles total of driving. Beyond Therapy closed on March 20th, and Groucho opened on the 27th, only a week later.

Then Groucho really got positive reviews in the Northern Virginia Daily, and particularly in the Winchester Star -- the Star gave me the greatest kudos I may have ever gotten in my life, when FC Lowe said quite simply, "Peter Boyer is the perfect Groucho Marx."

And then another great review came along on p. 8 of the Warren County Report, in which Malcolm Barr wrote, "Peter Boyer . . . IS Groucho."

And then there was an interview on "Talk of the Town with Barry Lee" on Winchester's ABC station. A very fun interview, with host Barry Lee, director Warner Crocker, and me in character as Groucho -- I get to throw out the occasional Groucho-esque one-liners. I'm quite pleased with how that turned out. The interview is the first 7 minutes of the program, and I hope you'll give it a look, HERE.

And I've received so many compliments from folks involved with the show and folks who've seen the show that I'm quite simply stunned by it all. And I have the great fortune to be working with a bunch of generous and talented folks.

So, it's been a heckuva ride. The ride ain't over yet, though, not quite. We close on Saturday, April 23rd, and if I hope you'll see it if you have the chance. For more info and tix, go to Wayside Theatre's website. And if you'd like to see some of John Westervelt's excellent pictures from the show, go HERE.