Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ya Hasta Luvs Ya Som Larry Dahlke

Cuz I Does.

Platonically, of course, and in a non-stalkerly sort of way.

Though I think maybe it would be good for Larry to have a stalker -- but a non-scary, casual sort of stalker, that respects his privacy, doesn't make him fear for his life, allows him to have a significant other without getting mad about it. Though I suppose it would be okay to post some "Oh, I wish he were mine" on their blog dedicated to Larry Dahlke. That might be okay. Occasionally send him cookies or a fruit basket.

See, last week I posted that "One Less Beer" drawing. Shortly after, Larry linked and posted it on his blog. Made me happy -- I love attention (actor, duh).

Larry, by the way, is an extremely talented actor. And he also plays umpteen different musical instruments. Yes, umpteen!

So check out Larry's blog (Larry's blogging somewhat regularly again, yay!). And Larry's website. And if you swing by Wayside Theatre, there's a good chance you'll see him in a show there (an excellent show for sure, because it's Larry and Wayside together). Consider stalking him -- gently. (Photo via)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Politics of the Left

I'd said I'd avoid politics in this blog. I've changed my mind -- but I promise to do my best to keep the political content entertaining and / or enlightening. Merry Christmas.

So McCain looks likely to get the Repub nom. The Dem race is still tight. Me, I like the idea of an Obama-McCain face-off in the general election. Why? Because they are both left-handed. For most of my life we've had at least one lefty contender. Ford, lefty. Reagan, originally lefty, switched when young (so I've read). Bush, Sr., B. Clinton, Ross Perot, lefties. Bob Dole, lefty, though that's due to injury to his right arm during WW2. In the '92 and '96, we were guaranteed a left-hander in the Oval Office. And then 2000 and 2004 happened, and there was a dearth of lefty contenders. Bush v. Gore, Bush v. Kerry. Righties, all. So I think it's time to Left a great wrong.

(FYI: if you took me seriously, reset your brain to half-serious mode and re-read.)

That Frog

Here's that frog sketch. I never said it would be a good one.