Monday, March 10, 2008

in The middle Of A schizophrenic week, somehow i got Married again

Yes. At last count I assumed 16 personalities from 3/2 - 3/8. And got married. Really.

Wait . . . 17.

I auditioned for 16 different roles in 4 different shows at 2 different places. (Tho' a couple of roles I suspect I only read so the director could get a look at the other guy, which is okay since the other guy had to do the same for me). Plus for 1 in a commercial.

And on 3/4, Jen and I got married again. By a rabbi, in an orthodox Jewish wedding (okay, mock wedding -- it was part of an educational thing at Howard Community College, but the rabbi was legit).

Add that to the 3 ceremonies we had in '06, that makes 4. I have now been married more times than anyone in my immediate family. Hoowa.

Question: if you marry someone with multiple personalities multiple times, does that make you a polygamist? Or, rather, a monogamistic swinger?