Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another Good One

Another review has come out for BSF's The Comedy of Errors and Scapin! , this time on the radio -- 88.1, WYPR's Maryland Morning With Sheilah Kast.

Theatre Critic J. Wynne Rousuck says, "there's plenty of pleasure to be had from taking in both productions," and she calls Comedy of Errors "splendid."

Gratuitous self-promotion moment (@ ~2:00 in the review): "In a cast that nimbly handles Shakespeare's language and high jinks, acrobatic Peter Boyer is a stand out as Dromio of Syracuse."

To hear the review, click HERE .

Thursday, July 01, 2010

On Stage Again, In Suit and Verse

In my time away from here, I've been doing the occasional commercial / industrial work.

Now I'm back on stage again, with the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival for their summer outdoor productions, because I couldn't resist the idea of playing a very physical role in a full suit in 90+ degrees F and high humidity. Sitting in a sauna always bored me to tears, this is much better. We're doing two shows in rep: The Comedy of Errors and Moliere's Scapine. Comedy opened last week, on June 23rd; Scapine opened yesterday.

A couple of reviews for The Comedy of Errors just came out. Links and a few quotes are below.

From Tim Smith of the Baltimore Sun:

"This summer, the Baltimore troupe offers a breezy, polished staging of The Comedy of Errors, running in repertory with Moliere's equally farcical Scapin."

". . . a high-caliber, tightly-matched cast."

"Peter Boyer makes an amusing mark as Dromio of Syracuse, especially in the scene where the character compares a kitchen maid's body to various countries of the globe — one of Shakespeare's rudest, crudest and, of course, funniest passages, given extra zing here. "

From Mike Giuliano of the Howard County Times:

"The Baltimore Shakespeare Festival gets most things right with its outdoor staging of The Comedy of Errors. It's a relatively short, slapstick-oriented Shakespeare comedy that plays well on the pastoral grounds of Evergreen Museum and Library."

"This production's extroverted performances acknowledge that silliness is the way to go. [The actors'] manic spirit keeps things moving along."

"The most endearing performances are by [Peter] Boyer and [Mark] Krawczyk as the twin Dromios. Dark-suited and bowler-hat topped, they prove to be delightfully limber as they get kicked around by their irate bosses and seemingly everybody else. Their pratfalls make them seem like they've stumbled in from a slapstick film."