Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tra-la-la-la-Bah, Tra-la, Humbug

You have 2 weeks left to see A Broadway Christmas Carol at Metro Stage in Alexandria, VA. I play Ebeneezer Scrooge. Yeah! That guy! A Broadway Christmas Carol is "a delightful and unexpected mix of show tune song parodies and Charles Dickens’ classic tale."

We officially opened two weeks ago to rave reviews, like so --

"A Broadway Christmas Carol retells the Dickens story with the help of only three actors and one pianist, all of them extremely talented performers. Peter Boyer plays Ebenezer Scrooge, the perfect embodiment of the stingy old crank at the beginning of the show. Boyer is a talented, agile dancer as well as a powerful singer and his crisp performance is essential to the success of Christmas Carol." -- Barbara Mackay, Washington Examiner

"There's very little "bah humbug" as this high-wattage, all-star cast tackles a timeless tale and gives it new life in the perfect medium for a musical message of ultimate uplift. Three talented area performers bring their Broadway-big voices and broad comedic talent to the completely audience-friendly intimacy of MetroStage and pull it off with infectious hilarity and brio." -- David Hoffman, Fairfax Times

"It’s a Vaudevillian Christmas tale from Merry Olde England, mined gleefully from Charles Dickens." . . . "Peter Boyer gives us Ebenezer Scrooge . . . played with delicious aplomb" . . . "A tip-top cast . . . ." -- Jordan Wright, Alexandria Times

"Charles Dickens, Broadway, vaudeville and slapstick collide merrily in “A Broadway Christmas Carol”, an early gift from Alexandria’s Metro Stage." . . . "The sets are simple but effective, and the four-member cast is versatile and talented." . . . "[Peter Boyer's] musical range and comedic timing are superb." -- Carla Branch, Alexandria News

"The show’s strong suit is its zany quartet of a cast who milk the laughs out of the material in a manner reminiscent of the parodies which were a staple of 1950s and ‘60s comedy and variety television shows." . . . "Peter Boyer [has] a fine voice and an appealingly sly sense of humor." -- Gary McMillan, DC Theatre Scene