Thursday, July 17, 2014



I played Mortimer in The Fantasticks at Rep Stage, which ran from April 30th thru May 18th. Reviews treated me very favorably, and as you'll see in the quotes I'm well paired with Nigel Reed. He and I have worked together a couple of times before.
"The show’s real delight is whenever Nigel Reed appears as the incorrigible ham actor Henry and Peter Boyer accompanies him as his dimwitted assistant Mortimer, who can’t act much but sure knows how to die. There is no over-the-top for these roles, but the two veteran actors squeeze every drop of foolishness conceivable from these characters, and achieve the ultimate in comic acting: the audience begins to laugh as soon as they appear on stage." - DC Theatre Scene
"Nigel Reed as Henry and Peter Boyer as Mortimer are perfectly cast."- MD Theatre Guide
"The show is all but stolen by the two kings of comedy, as Henry (Nigel Reed) and Mortimer (Peter Boyer) take to the stage. Climbing out of the prop box as if they were little more than decorative additions to the show, Reed and Boyer share a chemistry, playing exceptionally well off one another. From the moment Reed takes the stage by struggling to climb out of the box, the laughs are rolling. His Shakespearean recitations are a scream and are topped only by the hysterically exaggerated death scenes performed by Boyer .... Rep Stage’s production is indeed ‘fantastic’!" - DC Metro Theatre Art
"This musical's two plum assignments -- droll characters who pop out to help with El Gallo's schemes -- have been particularly well-filled. Peter Boyer has the right deadpan for The Man Who Dies. And Nigel Reed walks off with the show every time he clambers into view, and every time he makes one of his finely flourished exits. A masterful job." - Baltimore Sun
The entire cast was quite good, and a pleasure to work with.  Here's a 'fantastick' promotional video Rep Stage put together:

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