Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa's Gone Bonkers. I Came Close.

The fat lady sang on Sunday -- Twelfth Night at Cumberland Theatre has closed. What an interesting, odd ride.

'06 has been a decent year for me, theatrically: 28 weeks in rehearsal or onstage, somewhere over 100 performances, thousands of people came to the shows, adults and children both, and lucky me, I've made 'em laugh and cry and a few other things inbetween.

And personally it's been stellar -- Jenny and are now m-m-married. I got the best lady in the land! Still don't know how I pulled that off.

And I finally went to a foreign country (Belize), woohoo!

But hey, here's hoping '07 tops '06! Life! Hooha!

It's almost Christmas time. Jenny and I are off to Mississippi in just over a dozen hours.

Here's another drawing for you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Fantastic Festivus, Stupendous Solstice, etc.! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


It is 43 degrees outside, "feels like 39" according to Yahoo! weather, here in Cumberland at 4pm. Tonight it should hit 2o degrees. The house where many of the actors stay doesn't keep out the cold -- last night, along with the sheet, two blankets, and a comforter, I wore sweatpants, tank-top, sweatshirt and a hoodie to bed! The heat seems to work in small, very selective parts of the house, none of which are remotely close to my room. I hate, hate, HATE being cold!

Last night was our "official" opening night for Twelfth Night. We had good-sized crowd, and they overall seemed to have a pretty good time. At the reception that followed, a gentleman said that he loved the show and that I had done a great job.

Then he asked me if I played Feste, the clown.

I currently have a goatee. Andrew, who plays Feste, does not.

The gentleman said I look very different in person.

It must be because as Orsino I wear a suit. Yes, that must be it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Dreamy, and I Smell Like Peanut Butter Cup

Twelfth Night opened yesterday, with a matinee and an evening show. The audiences were small, but so I'm told that's normal for the Wednesday opening shows, because everyone in town knows the cast is still bumping through it a bit. I've heard Friday should be good.

My face was feeling dry, so I went out and got some lotion, which happened to have cocoa butter in it. Esther (Viola) said she thinks her character is attracted to Orsino because he's "dreamy and smells like a peanut butter cup."

And I got to meet another celebrity, who I found out is from this area: William H. Macy. From our brief meeting and according to our director, Mr. Macy is a really good guy, friendly. He was impressed that we put this show up in a week (true, that's no small accomplishment). After the evening show, Bob, the Stage Manager, told the cast "someone wants to meet you." My first thought when I came out was, "Huh, that guy look like Bill Macy." My second thought was, "Oh, that's because . . . ."