Thursday, February 22, 2007


I was left uncomfortably staring into space for over a week after the audition on the 10th for Baltimore Shakespeare Festival (okay, not quite that bad, there have been some things to keep me busy) . . . but I recently received a spate of calls for:

  1. an audition on Monday the 19th at the Bay Theatre in Annapolis for Table Manners, the first play in The Norman Conquests trilogy by Alan Ayckbourn;
  2. an audition (via Taylor Royall Casting) on Tuesday for an industrial (produced by EFX Media) -- which quickly turned into a dayshoot the following day, yesterday, yay me (I played a "business reporter");
  3. a further callback this Saturday for BSF's Macbeth; and
  4. a callback on Monday the 26th at Roundhouse Theatre in Bethesda, for Treasure Island.

Of course, I'm hoping for lots of good things here, and for this ball to keep rolling. Feel free to send good vibes my way.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ma, the CB! Batch 'em!

A couple of comments in the yesterday's blog. Very cool, it's always good to see someone's checking me in the e-ether. (Re the comments: 1) Thanks, sis! 2) Benjamin, thanks for the advice. Though BSF doesn't pay much. [I know a few Benjamin's, how do I know thee?].)

Had that audition today at BSF for Macbeth, in which I read a little of Banquo and a monologue worth of Macbeth. I left the audition feeling . . . . like it went alright. Meaning? Well, alright is a half-step better than fine, which is neither pessimistic nor optimistic, i.e., a sort of ambivalence that is not casual but also not high-strung. Make sense?

According to Berkeley Breathed's Opus (not to be confused with the similarly named play, see yesterday's blog), CHUNKY LORD VOLDEMORT is an anagram of DICK CHENEY VA-VOOM. Well, even though it isn't . . . it should be. Thanks, BB.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Opus Is Not Just a Penguin

A handful of auditions, but no solid bites thus far. It is very frustrating. Outside of auditions, I haven't been in rehearsals or performances for a month-and-a-half, and it's driving me bananas. Feels like a year.

The latest: I did a general audition for Baltimore Shakespeare Festival on Saturday, and then had a callback for Opus at the Washington Stage Guild on Monday. I've already received a call that I was not cast for Opus -- but it's okay, sorta. Though I thought my audition went well, I felt that I was a touch younger than what they were looking for.

I do want to say this: the audition for Stage Guild was fun. Some auditions, you go in, you do your thing -- cold reading, monologue, what have you -- and you get no response whatsoever from whomever is watching you. Audience response is food to a stage actor (and in this case the director / producer / head of casting, etc., is your audience) and auditions like that leave you still hungry, and dissatisfied. At Stage Guild, the director and producer responded. It felt good. Additionally, for the production manager to call and say that I was not cast is an act of kindness -- so much better to know than to sit and wonder. And, now I know I'm on their radar. So, check 'em out, they're good folks.

Baltimore Shakes -- well, I got a good feel from them, and I got a callback for Macbeth on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Something You Won't Find On Bourbon Street

An Auditioner's Life

I would have titled this "An Actor's Life," but I sometimes feel a touch presumptuous calling myself an actor when I'm not holding an acting job at that moment (though I have seen / heard / read a few people call themselves "actors" who really shouldn't -- heck, I'm sitting at a desk that I built, but I ain't callin' myself a furniture designer. Does hanging posters on your wall make one an interior decorator? I take the trash out every few days, so does that make me a garbage man?)

But a few auditions have come up, at least. I didn't feel very good about my recent one at Signature, to be honest. I had two yesterday, one for a commercial and one for an "interactive film"(a sort of instructional film, that's about what I know). I felt good about both of these, but here's the thing: with theatre auditions, I usually get some sense of how the audition went. With TV / film, I usually do best when I get no strong impression of how it went. Hm. A couple more auditions are coming up in the next few days. Cross your fingers.

And the drawing pad is getting some use again: I'll have another drawing posted soon, hope you like it.

Otherwise: Here's an explanation of each of the 10 theoretical dimensions in our universe (I feel so pleased, I actually understood them. Sortakindasorta-ish). And: Milk beer? Guh.